What colour for your bioclimatic pergola?

In addition to the choice of dimensions, an important issue is the choice of colours for your aluminium pergola so that the design fits in perfectly with the architectural style of your building. Choose from among the RAL colours the colour or colours by following our guide.

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Pergolas with adjustable louvers

Because today we aspire to live outside enjoying the same comfort inside, SOLISYSTEME invites you to check out its range of pergolas with manual or automatic adjustable louvers. Pergolas with adjustable louvers are a choice solution to enjoy your outdoor space without worrying about the first rainfall and rises in temperature. 

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pergolas with coloured panels

Because everyone wants to customise their pergola and find the model that best fits their tastes, we offer the harlequin pergola, real rainbow-coloured roofing. Extremely adjustable with its sliding panels, you can choose the colours that you like and create your pergola! An exclusive model!

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bioclimatic pergolas with wood structure

Go comfort and tradition thanks to SOLISYSTEME bioclimatic pergolas integrated into timber structures! Against your house, in the middle of your garden or near the pool, the bioclimatic pergola installed in a timber framework will be able to protect you from the sun and rain by bringing a touch of authenticity to your home.

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