Pergolas with adjustable louvers

Because today we aspire to live outside enjoying the same comfort inside, SOLISYSTEME invites you to check out its range of pergolas with manual or automatic adjustable louvers. Pergolas with adjustable louvers are a choice solution to enjoy your outdoor space without worrying about the first rainfall and rises in temperature. 


Turn your patio into a living space outdoors for the whole year and enjoy optimal comfortable living without worrying about the weather!
The pergola with adjustable louvers is an effective solution which can control the brightness and ventilation of your patio while protecting you from different weather conditions.
You can tilt the louvers so that the maximum amount of sunlight can enter or close them again to shelter against the rain.
With its different options, you can use your patio from morning to night and in any season, thereby creating an additional living space for your home.
Concerned about the environment and the quality of our products, we carefully select our materials for their quality and durability, particularly the aluminium, an ideal recyclable material.
Whether they are installed on your patio, in your garden or near your pool, they can be easily customised, with hundreds of combinations of paints and finishes available.
In addition, opt for the pergolas equipped with a remote control to adjust the louvers, vertical blinds, lights and heating.
The pergolas with adjustable louvers offered by SOLISYSTEME provide you with durability and ease of maintenance. This is the innovative product for you!