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Pergolas for patio and garden

Because the rain or sun too frequently deprive you of your outside space, SOLISYSTEME offers to return your rights to you on your patio that you love so much, by installing one of its models of bioclimatic pergolas for individuals.  Regardless of the architectural style of your home, we will offer you the model of bioclimatic pergola that will make your patio attractive so that it becomes a true extension of your home. 


Equipped with aluminium adjustable louvers, the bioclimatic pergolas for individuals proposed by SOLISYSTEME allow you to adjust the brightness and ventilation of your patio manually or by using a remote control. Pergolas with moving louvers, closed for a siesta in the shade or semi-open during lunch!
And because we know that decorating your patio is important, feel free to check out our Harlequin pergolas : Lively and colourful, they bring a touch of fun to your outside space!
In any case, you can enjoy your pergola from morning to night by creating an outdoor space where it is good to relax at any time of the day.
Equipped with blinds or side windows, pergolas are not simple shelters any more that are used when the nice days come around, they close on the side to become real rooms for outside living.
SOLISYSTEME offers you resistant pergolas, which provide both a designed appearance that fits all types of architectural style, while allowing you to add real value to your home.
They help you to enjoy your terrace without having to worry about the weather. This is the advantage that SOLISYSTEME brings to you, an indispensable reference in the manufacture of pergolas.