What colour for your bioclimatic pergola?

In addition to the choice of dimensions, an important issue is the choice of colours for your aluminium pergola so that the design fits in perfectly with the architectural style of your building. Choose from among the RAL colours the colour or colours by following our guide.


In order to provide the best protection and a better performance over time, our aluminium pergolas benefit from a thermo-lacquering: this oven baked powder painting process ensures the best finish and durability. Through this process, our bioclimatic pergola receive the qualicoat and qualimarine certification: “The Qualicoat certification guarantees the highest level of quality for the thermo-lacquering of the profiles used in aluminium frames” “The label certifies a quality lacquering resistant to chemical sprays or splashes”.
To fit all the patio configurations, our “Reference” finishing supporting structure and our modules with adjustable louvers are available in the colour White RAL 9010 matt, Ivory RAL 1015 matt and Anthracite grey RAL 7016 matt. Of course, all the other colours of the RAL range and the paints with textured or granite effects are available. For our “Elegance” supporting structures, the choice may stand as standard on: White RAL 9010 matt or structured, Ivory RAL 1015 matt or structured, Anthracite grey RAL 7016, matte or structured, black RAL 9005 structured, grey RAL 9006 structured, brown RAL 8028 structured, grey RAL 7037 structured, beige RAL 1019 structured and bronze RAL 1247 structured. Representing 12 colours in total. As for the harlequin pergola, the panels are available in 22 colours, which will enable you to create endless groups of combinations. In order to maintain harmony and make the most of the brightness of your facility, we recommend keeping a light colour for the colour of the louvers: indeed, in contrast to a dark colour that could “weigh” on the patio, choosing a light colour will keep the brightness on your terrace. Better still: if the sky is grey, the positioning of the louvers could slightly help you benefit from a boost of brightness on your bay window.