bioclimatic pergolas with wood structure

Go comfort and tradition thanks to SOLISYSTEME bioclimatic pergolas integrated into timber structures! Against your house, in the middle of your garden or near the pool, the bioclimatic pergola installed in a timber framework will be able to protect you from the sun and rain by bringing a touch of authenticity to your home.

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Bioclimatic pergola with aluminium structure

SOLISYSTEME invites you to discover our great range of bioclimatic pergolas with aluminium structure, available in several standard or tailor made sizes. Made entirely of aluminium, our bioclimatic pergolas will be able to promise you longevity being perfectly resistant to weathering. 

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bioclimatic pergolas with steel structure

Combine the aluminium of the SOLISYSTEME bioclimatic pergolas and the steel of a supporting structure to create a modern architectural style, free-standing or leaning against your home, and enjoy your patio without fearing the sun or even the rain.

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