Bioclimatic pergola with aluminium structure

SOLISYSTEME invites you to discover our great range of bioclimatic pergolas with aluminium structure, available in several standard or tailor made sizes. Made entirely of aluminium, our bioclimatic pergolas will be able to promise you longevity being perfectly resistant to weathering. 


Discover the variety of our models of bioclimatic pergolas in aluminium ! Equipped with mobile aluminium louvers, your pergola will allow you to control the brightness and ventilation of your patio to make it pleasant, in summer and winter.
Using a remote control, you can remotely control the direction of the slats of your pergola, so you can benefit from maximum comfort.
SOLISYSTEME boasts 18 years of experience in the area of manufacturing pergolas. Over these years, the brand has managed to maintain of relationship of trust with its customers and with its various partners, such as architects, craftsmen and fitters, thanks to an inexhaustible sense of innovation and sustainable development.
SOLISYSTEME gives you the opportunity to find what you’re looking for thanks to a variety of standard models that will match your needs, but you can also opt to have it tailor made.
With our bioclimatic aluminium pergolas you will have a bright living space with a view of your garden or pool. Also consider accessorizing your pergola with a heater or LED lighting.
Our aluminium pergolas are highly resistant to all weather conditions and are part of the current consumer trends, designed to limit energy consumption and therefore the impact on the environment.
So do not hesitate to contact us for a free quote or to request additional information.