bioclimatic pergolas with steel structure

Combine the aluminium of the SOLISYSTEME bioclimatic pergolas and the steel of a supporting structure to create a modern architectural style, free-standing or leaning against your home, and enjoy your patio without fearing the sun or even the rain.


For all of the special designs and specific architectural styles, you can integrate our aluminium bioclimatic pergolas with adjustable louvers and our Harlequin pergolas in steel structures.
Perfect in modern architectural configurations or to give a modern touch to your patio, the solution of installing our modules in a steel supporting structure made by a locksmith will help you make the most of your outdoor space.
Using a steel support structure is a solution to having the compromise between design and technology. Installed next to your pool, resting against your loft, self supporting in the middle of the garden, so many reliable solutions that allow you to share fun times with friends or family in controlled shade. If it has just rained, no worries: close the louvers and you will be sheltered from the rain!
By choosing SOLISYSTEME as a manufacturer, you are guaranteed to have the best design for your pergola. Our pergolas are actually made to measure and can be easily adapted to your wishes.
Finally, enjoy a wide range of colours for an architectural style adapted to your building, allowing you to provide the perfect finish to your building, whether modern or traditional.