The positioning of the pergolas

Increasingly individuals and cafés, hotels and restaurants turn to the solution of bioclimatic pergolas with adjustable louvers. What is the right direction? What is the right position? A query that deserves the right answer…


In order to make the most of your bioclimatic pergola with adjustable louvers and because a pergola is a real investment, it is important to follow certain rules when designing the plan. One of the most important issues is the direction of the louvers in relation to the front of the house or to the sun.
Most homes have a patio with bay windows overlooking the living room, facing due South. It is useful then to place the louvers parallel to the front so once the louvers are open or ajar, the same amount of shadow or light will be projected throughout the day on the front, the sun following its East-West course. Therefore, there is no need to change the opening of the louvers as and when as the sun moves. In addition, it is in this direction that you can get the most light, without it casting a shadow over your patio.
If your patio is facing due North, also place the louvers parallel to the façade, on the same principle, you can get the same amount of light throughout the day, without having to move the louvers. What’s more, you can reflect the light onto your louvers to have a brighter space.
Finally, if your terrace is facing East or West, in this case, you can position the louvers perpendicular to the front in order to make the most of your pergola.
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