Blinds and Pergola: an ideal combination to create the softest of shadows!

To admire the rising or setting sun without being dazzled, or simply to shield yourself from a gentle breeze, opt for one of our design closing solutions: the zip blind. Acquaint yourself with the blind’s characteristics, and enjoy living outdoors while relaxing in all the comfort of a room in your house.

Whether you’re a private individual or a professional; the zip blind will provide you with aesthetic appeal and protection whatever the season, so you can enjoy all the benefits of your pergola all year long.

A protective solution when bad weather threatens
Its properties:
– Absorbs the sun’s rays
– Keeps heat at bay by creating mini air currents via micro-perforations in its fabric
– Lets in natural light
– Protects against bad weather

Protection against the sun’s rays, provision of shade and air regulation are not the solution’s only advantages.
You can also enjoy privacy with the zip blind, which is available in sizes up to 18 m² and up to 6 metres wide.

And to let in more light, opt for the “toile crystal” window.
This will provide you with an extra light source up to 4 metres wide.


An “ideal” solution for maximum comfort

What could be more comfortable than being able to adjust your blind remotely?
Remotely controlled with smartphone/tablet via the SOMFY TAHOMA box, the zip blind can be adjusted at a touch of a finger!

The blind is also an ideal solution as it’s really low maintenance and fully washable.
And to guarantee you enjoy long-term use, be sure to let the fabric dry before putting the blind back up again.


A decorative design solution on your pergola

Apart from its protective function, the blind is a decorative feature in its own right, letting you add a touch of colour to your pergola.
For a blind that matches your tastes to perfection, we have a wide choice of colours on offer for the frame (upon request) as well as for the blind itself (more than 20 colours).
Depending on the shade selected, fabrics used serve to reflect thermal radiation without blocking your view of the outside world.
You can regulate your rooms’ temperature while enjoying a fine day out of doors whatever the season.

Make the utmost of your SOLISYSTEME pergola and stay protected as you do so!!

Our official partner of zip screen : ROMA.