How to manage my bioclimatic pergola in case of frost or snowfall?

How to manage my bioclimatic pergola in case of frost or snowfall ?

Even though your pergola was designed to withstand snow and generally the inclement weather of the cold seasons, the Solisysteme team offers advice on how to best manage and maintain your pergola in case of snow or frost.

Snow is forecasted in my area, what should
I do with my bioclimatic pergola ?

A legitimate question that every new pergola owner has asked themselves... Even in the event of heavy snowfall or intense frost, your Solisysteme pergola has been tested to withstand the winter weather. Pergolas have been tested up to 300 kilograms/m2 by APAVE (equivalent to 3 meters of fresh snow) without any impact on the strength and durability of the structure. We will then explain the situations you may encounter and how to handle them.

The weather forecast predicts snowfall and frost

In the event of forecasted snowfall, we recommend, if possible, to open the slats to 90° so that the snow does not accumulate on them. Similarly, wait for the snow to melt and the temperatures to rise before closing them again.
If frost is forecasted, it is important to prevent the slats from sticking together due to the frost. To do this, open them slightly so that they touch each other as little as possible. Wait until the temperatures are above freezing to operate them again. Moving frozen slats can damage the elements and mechanisms.

I couldn't intervene on my pergola in time and everything is already frozen. What should I do ?

Don't panic. Once again, pergolas have been designed to withstand the elements, including frost. If the slats have been frozen while closed, let the whole structure thaw before attempting to operate them again.

In summary

As you may have understood, the key is to never operate your pergola when the slats are frozen, regardless of their position (open, closed, etc.). You will have the opportunity to do so when the frost has gone. The resistance to loads, the water drainage system, and the change in weather will take care of the rest in the meantime. A frost detector can help you better anticipate these weather hazards. Consult our dedicated article to learn more.

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