Bioclimatic pergola with aluminium structure

SOLISYSTEME invites you to discover our great range of bioclimatic pergolas with aluminium structure, available in several standard or tailor made sizes. Made entirely of aluminium, our bioclimatic pergolas will be able to promise you longevity being perfectly resistant to weathering. 

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bioclimatic pergolas with steel structure

Combine the aluminium of the SOLISYSTEME bioclimatic pergolas and the steel of a supporting structure to create a modern architectural style, free-standing or leaning against your home, and enjoy your patio without fearing the sun or even the rain.

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Pergolas for patio and garden

Because the rain or sun too frequently deprive you of your outside space, SOLISYSTEME offers to return your rights to you on your patio that you love so much, by installing one of its models of bioclimatic pergolas for individuals.  Regardless of the architectural style of your home, we will offer you the model of bioclimatic pergola that will make your patio attractive so that it becomes a true extension of your home. 

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bioclimatic pergolas for professionals

As your customers like to sit outside and even more so since the law in favour of banning smoking in public places, the installation of a bioclimatic pergola for professional spaces can make your terrace attractive in all seasons.  In fact, a bioclimatic pergola that expands your area of operation will allow your customers to feel free outside while enjoying the comfort of the inside.

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