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Référence Collection

Pergola Solibio
  • Référence Structure
  • Custom-made
  • 10-year guarantee
Pergola Solifix
  • Référence Structure
  • Fixed roof pergola
  • 10-year guarantee

Elégance Collection

Pergola Lelio
  • Elégance Structure
  • Customized
  • 10-year guarantee
Pergola Arlequin
  • Elégance Structure
  • Customized panels
  • 10-year guarantee
Pergola Coviello
  • Elégance Structure
  • Fixed roof pergola
  • 10-year guarantee

Create your custom pergola
with our 3D configurator

 Create your custom pergola with our 3D configurator

Benefits of Solisysteme pergolas

 Benefits of  Solisysteme pergolas
  • From standard to custom-made
  • Options : Somfy RTS automation, wind sensor, rain sensor, white or RGB lighting
  • Customizable fillings : fixed vertical adjustable sunshade, sliding glass wall, fixed or sliding side filling, horizontal cladding, awning
  • Certified Origin France Guaranteed
  • All RAL colours available

Discover Solisysteme pergolas from
a different perspective, your perspective

Pergolas for all needs
With over 25 years of experience and as a pioneer in bioclimatic pergolas, Solisysteme will bring you the best in solar protection for your outdoor project.

Since the creation of the bioclimatic pergola, we have undertaken numerous projects for individuals as well as communities. Whether it's covering an avenue intended for restaurant terraces or helping an individual reduce the intense heat of the summer season, our pergolas meet all needs.

With a network of solar protection specialists that includes distributors, installers, architects, and artisans, the company embodies values of listening and pragmatism that make a difference. It has thus maintained its human dimension to cultivate long-term relationships of trust with its clients and partners. Moreover, it integrates a genuine logic of sustainable development and innovation into its approach.

 Discover  Solisysteme pergolas  from a different perspective, your perspective

Available customizations

Side fillings
Explore all the possibilities offered by our various fillings to personalize your pergola. Whether you opt for glass panels to maximize natural light, awnings for adjustable lateral protection, or cladding to maintain a clear view while staying protected, we offer an extensive range of options.

For those seeking a combination of sun protection and ventilation, our adjustable aluminum louvers can be tailored to your preferences, providing a bioclimatic solution suited to your outdoor space.

A Solisysteme pergola,
French and sustainable

Quality craftsmanship
Discover the authenticity and exceptional quality of our pergolas proudly designed in France. At Solisysteme, Made in France is not just a label, it's a promise of excellence. Every step of the manufacturing process, from meticulous design to the selection of premium materials, is carried out with exceptional craftsmanship.

Choosing our bioclimatic pergolas means choosing a product manufactured in our French workshop, adhering to the strictest standards of durability, performance, and aesthetics.

Pergola options & accessories

Numerous options for your pergola
Choose from a variety of side closures, sophisticated lighting systems, and motorized controls for the ultimate customization experience. With a diverse palette of options, create a pergola that perfectly fits your lifestyle while adding a design touch to your outdoor space.

A successfull project thanks to our choice of accessories
Within our range of accessories, wind sensors will ensure optimal resistance during strong winds. Our rain sensors will trigger a quick response, closing the louvers to protect your outdoor space at the first drops. Our accessories will enhance your quality of life.

 Pergola  options  &  accessories