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Complete your pergola with side closures

Your pergola has its structure and its covering module in the right dimensions and colors you have chosen. It is practically finished. To customize it to your liking, you can add various options, starting with side closures.

This will create a true space halfway between the outside and the inside and will provide you with further protection from the sun, wind, rain, and even unwanted views. These side closures can be customized according to your preferences from our wide range of choices.

 Complete your pergola with side closures

Our blinds for added privacy

Generally installed in a tunnel under the structure, zip blinds allow you to shield yourself from wind or low-angle sun. They also provide privacy by blocking the view from neighbors. Motorized, our blinds can be controlled by the same remote control as the pergola, ensuring ease of use and maximum comfort. The blinds are equipped with RTS motorization with obstacle detection and a 1-channel transmitter.

Blind installation can be considered if you already have a pergola. The wind resistance of the blinds is calculated based on their width and also depends on many other factors related to the location and configuration of your pergola. A blind is not intended to be used in high winds. For example, a blind 3 meters wide should be retracted beyond 48 km/h of wind.

Our LED lighting for pergolas

Equip your pergola with its own lighting system for added comfort. From a functional perspective, well-designed lighting extends the utility of the pergola by allowing its use beyond daylight hours. Indeed, you can enjoy your pergola even after dark.

And since we believe that practicality and aesthetics go hand in hand, we offer several solutions directly integrated into the structures to ensure the right brightness without any wires or cables visible. You can choose between spotlights or LED strips directly integrated under the gutter for maximum brightness. You can also enhance your covering with indirect lighting using LED strips, in white or RGB, reflecting on the louvers.

 Our  LED lighting  for  pergolas

Our motors and automation for pergolas

The era of home automation and digitization is more relevant than ever. And our models are no exception to this trend with various motorization and automation solutions that can turn your pergola into a smart one. The first essential step to start installing home automation on your pergola will be the motorization of the louvers.

You can then go further by choosing to install weather sensors so they take control of the pergola in case of bad weather. And finally, compatibility with SOMFY technology will allow you to centralize the controls of your pergola on your connected devices and create home automation scenarios.

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