The perfect compromise between blinds and verandas


An innovative patio cover that transforms and expands your outdoor space.  

bioclimatique_step1ProtectionProtects from harmful sunlight and offers complete cover from poor weather conditions.
bioclimatique_step2VentilationProvides ventilation to prevent  excessive heat buildup while also retaining shade.
bioclimatique_step3Temperature controlRegulates the temperature of adjoining rooms by controlling sunlight intensity and direction.
bioclimatique_step4BrightnessAdjusts the intensity of daylight to enable enjoyment of low-light hours.

The SOLISYSTEME adjustable louvered pergola is a patented outdoor covering that combines form and function:

Its "bioclimatic" technology offers protection and optimizes your living space by allowing you to adjust to the sun, to create refreshing ventilation when it’s hot or even to shelter from more extreme elements (rain, snow and wind).


With its aluminum louvers, the bioclimatic pergola allows you to instantly adjust to sunlight fluctuations manualy, or with a remote control. 

Equip your patio, deck, terrace, spa, swimming pool and more ... with a tailor-made pergola.

Your Bioclimatic Pergola

Our pergola designs are clean, classic and timeless. 

We have been continually improving their design for over 17 years and our pergolas are super-reliable and require minimal maintenance. We make them custom to measure and they are adaptable to any existing architectural configurations - old, new-build or renovation, we can make it work for you. Our pergolas are as strong as they are beautiful. Initially designed to protect your patio, they can also create a new living space outside your home.

Our modules with adjustable double wall louvers ensure the best compromise between design, adaptability and resistance from the elements. Depending on the dimensions chosen, we offer our standard or XL louvers. Both offer a high capacity to withstand wind and evacuate rain water.  We have tested and passed the Miami-Dade hurricane standards. 

Our structures and louvers come in three standard colors:  Pure White, Light Ivory and Anthracite Grey.

That does not mean you are limited by color.  You can choose from over 500 RAL colors to match or contrast your design.  

Each outdoor space is unique and you can choose that options that suit you best.


  • Rain Sensor- your louvers will automatically close with the first drop of rain keeping your outdoor space dry even while you are away from home. 
  • Wind and Frost Sensors
  • LED lighting
  • Automated shades, curtains, side privacy louvers, and glass panels
  • Heaters

Why choose SOLISYSTEME ?

Because it’s «Registered». Not everyone is an inventor!

SOLISYSTEME are the pioneers of the bioclimatic pergola. Our designs are registered and patented and this is your guarantee of unrivaled quality.

Load Test : 300kg/m² (Internal load made static test , as indication in no instance constituting a certification for a project)
CSTB Test : Wind : 180 km/h, Rain : 230mm/h
Snow Load: up to 85 lbs. per ft²
Wind: up to 175 mph, Rain: 9 in/h

Because each model is «Remarkable». The classic lines of our pergolas are timeless but always uniquely yours.

You choose the size, accessories and color from a range of colors.

Because it’s simply the «Reference». We have been creating made in France pergolas that stand the test of time for 15 years.

Because each model is «Remarkable». The classic lines of our pergolas are timeless but always uniquely yours.

You choose the size, the supporting structure and you can choose from a range of over 500 colors.